Director Kevin Greutert Shuffled From 'Paranormal Activity 2' Back To 'Saw VII 3-D'

Don't fret Paramount... this is for the best. Last week, it was reported that "Saw VI" director Kevin Greutert had been hired to helm the unasked-for sequel to last year's found footage sensation, "Paranormal Activity." Whether or not you think a sequel is really necessary, Greutert's past experience with the gore-soaked "Saw" franchise would not seem to make him the ideal candidate for following up one of the most effectively understated horror films released in years.

It is with some relief then that I greet today's news of Greutert being shuffled back to the "Saw" franchise, to which Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures hold the keys. It seems that the director is contractually bound to direct "Saw VII 3-D" if the studio wants it, and they do, Deadline Hollywood reports. Greutert is unable to do both because of competing release plans, which have the two movies releasing on October 22 of this year.

"Saw V" director David Hackl had previously been announced to helm "Saw VII 3-D." Greutert's return to "Saw" leaves Hackl momentarily out of work, but the apparent plan is to have him "assigned to another film quickly."

I can't really feel anything other than relieved about this news. Someone whose most recent horror experience comes from the "Saw" franchise is not the right fit for a "Paranormal" sequel. If Paramount wants to keep the budget low, there are plenty of other filmmakers who would fit the bill nicely.

How about Rodrigo Cortes, whose Ryan Reynolds-starring Sundance thriller "Buried" has already sold for $3.2 million. Or, sticking with the Sundance tip, how about Adam Green, director of the ski lift horror/thriller "Frozen"? I'm not sure about the need for a "Paranormal" sequel at all, but hopefully the Greutert shift will result in the hiring of someone more fitting.

Do you see a need for a "Paranormal Activity" sequel? Do you think Greutert would have done well with it? Are you happy to know that someone else will be taking the reins? Who would you like to see at the helm?

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