EXCLUSIVE: 'Cyrus' Actress Marisa Tomei Goes From Movie Star To Business Entrepreneur With... Hula-Hoops?

Of Marisa Tomei's many fine qualities, one of her finest is versatility, as demonstrated in her performances as the abrasive Mona Lisa in "My Cousin Vinny," the down-on-her-luck stripper Cassidy in "The Wrestler," her latest role as Molly in "Cyrus" and her new career as... a hula-hoop manufacturer?

At the Sundance Film Festival, Tomei revealed to MTV News that she's gotten into the hula-hoop business in addition to her continued acting career. And she's determined to take this all the way.

"I kind of got into this whole hula-hoop craze," she confessed. "That happened during the time of the 'The Wrestler' so now I find myself doing hula-hoop things I didn't really think I was going to be doing!"

While Tomei is quite serious about her new job, it's not something that she was always planning on getting into.

"I just hula-hoop a lot, and then a bunch of people were asking, 'Where do you get it?' It's not so easy to find the adult sized hoops, so I said, 'Oh, I'll start getting them for you,'" she described. "I was getting people hoops all of the time and then I set up this little business of hula-hoops. Now it's spiraled into this much larger thing."

Sounds like a pretty good business deal to me — hula-hoops are fun enough as is, but a Marisa Tomei manufactured hula-hoop? I'd buy that for considerably more than a dollar, as I'm sure many other fans of hers would.

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