Orlando Bloom Would Be Willing To Return As Legolas In 'The Hobbit'

While Frodo Baggins' quest to throw the One Ring into the fiery depths of Mount Doom concluded in the final "Lord of the Rings" installment, there's still plenty of Middle-Earth adventure left to be had in "The Hobbit" — just don't expect to see too many familiar faces when Guillermo del Toro takes the director's chair from producer Peter Jackson for the prequel films.

Still, that's not stopping some of the old "Rings" castmembers from throwing their names into the, uh, ring. At the Sundance Film Festival, Orlando Bloom — who played the Elven archer Legolas in the critically acclaimed trilogy — said that he has reached out to Jackson about possibly returning for "The Hobbit."

"I shot an e-mail to Pete and I said, 'You know, if you want me to don the blonde wig and pointy ears again, I'd be honored to do it,'" Bloom revealed. "He said, 'Well, we'll see.' They're very, very hush-hush."

It's not particularly likely that Bloom's services would be required for "The Hobbit" as Legolas has no role in the original story, though it's always possible that the actor could play Thranduil, Legolas' father who appears as the Elvenking in the story. But even if Bloom doesn't return to Middle-Earth, he's more than happy to see what Jackson and Del Toro have in store.

"It's Guillermo's movie and I'm a huge fan of that man," said the actor. "He's obviously going to take his own idea of it, but I'm excited for that movie. I think it's going to be great."

Should Bloom return for "The Hobbit," or would the inclusion of Legolas feel too forced? Let us know your take in the comments section and on Twitter!