Adrien Grenier Calls 'Teenage Paparazzo' Doc A 'Sequel' To His Celebrity Training On 'Entourage'

You all know HBO's "Entourage," right? A great half-hour series starring Adrien Grenier as movie superstar Vinnie Chase. The story tracks Vinnie's personal life, the day-to-day grind for himself and his faithful entourage. Grenier is currently in Park City, UT for Sundance, where he's promoting "Teenage Paparazzo," a documentary about the actor's attempts to educate a 13-year-old aspiring celeb stalker on the realities of movie star life. Speaking with MTV at the festival, the actor revealed just how important his experiences on "Entourage" have been in shaping "Teenage Paparazzo."

"To me it was a logical progression," he said. "I spent six years in training as a celebrity on 'Entourage' playing Vince, portraying the celebrity lifestyle." There's something entertainingly meta about the idea of Grenier, who arguably achieved the bulk of his celebrity by way of that HBO series, exploring his celeb status by interacting with a would-be paparazzo.

"This was sort of the next step, the sequel so to speak," he explained. "Where... I'm really sharing the actual experience. The bizarre, disconcerting experience of being accosted on the streets by the paparazzi."

Camera-toting celebrity stalkers are actually downplayed for the most part in "Entourage," other than an occasional storyline. They always exist in the background in some fashion however, and Grenier has certainly had his share of encounters outside the bound of "Entourage"'s fiction. A film like "Teenage Paparazzo" is well-suited to his unique range of experience. I wouldn't be surprised to see HBO snatch this one up as the ashes of Sundance 2010 start to settle.

Do you watch "Entourage"? What do you think of the underlying idea behind "Teenage Paparazzo," of Grenier engaging directly with one of the very people who work to exploit him and his colleagues?