'Edge Of Darkness' And 'When In Rome' Challenge 'Avatar' For Supremacy In This Week's Box Office Poll

Is this the week that "Avatar" falls? I'm guessing no, but stranger things have happened. For six straight weeks, James Cameron's sci-fi marvel has captivated viewers with its entertaining story and impressive underlying 3-D tech. The movie is all but guaranteed to crush the all-time box office records held by "Titanic," Cameron's last feature, since 1997. Even if another #1 weekend isn't in the cards, those records are pretty much toast.

The closest competition "Avatar" has is "Edge of Darkness," which threatens to draw some of the Cameron crowd away purely for being the only new, R-rated release this week with fanperson-friendly subject matter. Mel Gibson stars as a homicide detective who uncovers evidence of corporate and government corruption in the course of a murder investigation.

Also opening is the Kristen Bell-led romantic comedy "When in Rome." Bell stars as a New Yorker who ends up with an oddball lineup of suitors after she takes wished-upon coins out of a fountain in Rome. There's one Mr. Right (Josh Duhamel) among the gang of Wrongs, but is he possessed by the magic as well or is he genuinely interested? I doubt the fanboys will be flocking to this one, but with a cast that includes the talents of Will Arnett, Danny DeVito and Dax Shepard, it could make for a fun date night movie.

The sole limited release offering of the week is "Saint John of Las Vegas," which we premiered some exclusive images from recently. Steve Buscemi stars in what amounts to a dark humor-tinged modern-day recasting of "Dante's Inferno." Set in Las Vegas. And the always irreverent Sarah Silverman is in it. Good times.