Frankie Muniz Says Goodbye To A Friend In Today's Daily TwitPic

Frankie Muniz is one of our Twitter-Wood regulars. The former "Malcolm in the Middle" star hasn't been terribly busy as an actor recently, having taken a hiatus in 2007 to pursue his career as a race car driver. He's alive and well on his Twitter feed though, though not to the point of chronically oversharing like some of his colleagues.

Last Friday, Muniz posted a mournful tweet about a recently fallen friend. "Shaqtus," as he calls it. A cactus. A tall one too, presuming that name is more than just a clever twist on the word "cactus." The Daily TwitPic posted after the jump brings us a touching moment, when Muniz says goodbye to his lost friend. I'm not sure what took this particular cactus down -- perhaps old age -- but Muniz was broken up enough by it to tweet his final goodbye.

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