Ben Affleck Is An Emotional Director That Asks Himself: 'What Would John Wells Do?'

While he's certainly best known for his roles in front of the camera, Ben Affleck is building quite the career behind the lens as well. In addition to recent starring roles in "State of Play" and "The Company Men," Affleck has also taken a stab at directing with 2007's "Gone Baby Gone" and the upcoming "The Town," which is currently in post-production.

But make no mistake — talented though he may be, Affleck's work as a director is anything but easy. During the Sundance Film Festival, Affleck told MTV News that he has a tendency to get emotional while directing movies.

"I directed a movie right after I finished working with [John Wells, director of 'The Company Men'] and I would get really overwhelmed, panicked, nervous and stressed out," the actor/director admitted. "[I felt] sheer terror. Just sobbing in the corner. I thought I hid it well, but when you're on your knees and making a commotion..."

Despite his status as an emotional director, Affleck was nonetheless able to push past the "sheer terror" and continue the working day. In order to do this, Affleck said he simply looked towards "The Company Men" director John Wells as an example.

"I would think, 'What would John do,'" he said of his philosophy. "It was 'WWJD?' But it really helped me."

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