Ben Affleck Summarizes Sundance Film Festival's Core Ingredients: Movies, Snow And... Giveaway Lounges?

Even if you've never attended the Sundance Film Festival, you're likely familiar with the event's basic essentials. It's a place where movie lovers, reporters, filmmakers and stars congregate to celebrate upcoming independent film projects, all set to the lovely backdrop of snow and... luxury lounges?

As a veteran Sundance attendee, "The Company Men" star Ben Affleck was able to break down his general view of the festival during an interview with MTV News, saying that it all boils down to three essential ingredients.

"For me, I've been here a few times," said Affleck. "It's [all about] snow and movies, and, weirdly, giveaway lounges, which somehow goes along with that."

By giveaway lounges, Affleck is referring to the various luxury lounges set up around Sundance by companies that aren't affiliated with the film festival — lounges where stars can get plenty of free swag, like clothes and liquor.

"I'm sure it was Robert Redford [who came up with the idea], that makes sense," Affleck joked about the luxury lounge's origin. "Redford was the first guy who was like, 'I wonder if we can get Blackberry and Absolute to do a lounge and maybe play some techno!'"

Affleck even said that his current Sundance wardrobe consists solely of giveaway material.

"This is stuff where I just go by and knock on the door and ask, 'Are you giving any s--- away? I'm just looking for some free s---,'" he joked. "I knock on car doors, 'Can you guys give me anything?'"

MTV News is live at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. Keep checking back throughout the week for on-the-ground reports with the biggest celebs in Hollywood, and be sure to watch our ever-growing interview show.