'Jersey Girl' Star Ben Affleck Reveals His Fascination With 'Jersey Shore'

Even in the hills of Hollywood and the streets of the Sundance Film Festival, there's no escaping the pop culture juggernaut known simply as "Jersey Shore." The cast had their way with Michael Cera and James Franco even expressed his own curiosity in the reality series, leaving us to wonder who else in the acting business might have a soft spot for Snooki and her pals.

While at Sundance this weekend, MTV News spoke with "The Company Men" stars Ben Affleck and Rosemarie DeWitt about "Jersey Shore," a series that both of them admitted to being fascinated by.

"You know, I haven't gotten into the Jersey Shore yet, but I feel like I have to," Affleck laughed. "I heard them on the radio the other day and it made me feel like I have to watch the show. When you have kids and movie [projects], it narrows... you know, I have 'Sesame Street,' but my bandwidth is narrow in terms of what I can watch."

DeWitt, Affleck's costar and "Mad Men" alum, clearly had given the series more thought than Affleck.

"I have to say though, as someone from New Jersey, I feel like everyone [on the show] is from Staten Island," she declared. "I'm not joking! I saw something — I haven't seen the show — but I think almost everybody is from [Staten Island]."

She's not entirely far off, as Jolie, The Situation and Vinny all hail from Staten Island. But even without seeing an episode of "Jersey Shore," DeWitt had to acknowledge the obvious.

"I have to say, it looks pretty genius," she admitted.

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