'Avatar' Closes In On 'The Dark Knight's' Record In The Saturday Box Office Report

DESC1. "Avatar" ($9.1 million)

2. "Legion" ($6.7 million)

3. "The Book of Eli" ($4.9 million)

4. "Tooth Fairy" ($3.5 million)

5. "The Lovely Bones" ($2.6 million)

With six Friday performances under its belt, James Cameron's "Avatar" remains the top dog at the box office, once again pulling out a first place finish worth $9.1 million — and just like the late musician Wesley Willis, "Avatar" is now poised to whoop Batman's you know what.

After six weeks, "Avatar" has earned a cumulative domestic total of $525.9 million, just a few short strides away from the $533.3 million held by "The Dark Knight." It's a virtual certainty that after this weekend's haul, "Avatar" will surpass the Christopher Nolan-directed comic book flick to become the second highest grossing film of all time at the domestic box office.

Of course, "Titanic" is the ship to sink should "Avatar" stand a chance at claiming the all-time top spot. Currently, the science fiction epic is just $74.9 million short of "Titanic's" $600.8 million domestic tally. Additionally, a Fox executive told The Hollywood Reporter that "Avatar" will surpass "Titanic's" overseas total of $1.242 billion by the weekend's conclusion. With each passing day, it's looking likelier and likelier that Cameron will ultimately top himself.

Leading the pack of new releases was "Legion," the biblical thriller starring Paul Bettany that bowed in second place with $6.7 million. "The Book of Eli" subsequently fell to third place, earning $4.9 million on Friday. The family friendly "Tooth Fairy" secured a fourth place finish worth $3.5 million on Friday but is expected to perform better throughout the weekend due to matinee showings. "Extraordinary Measures," the debut flick from CBS Films starring Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford, fell one spot short of the top five with only $2 million.

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