'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Episode 2.11: 'Lightsaber Lost' Recap

Title: "Lightsaber Lost"

Writer/Director: Drew Z. Greenberg/Giancarlo Volpe

Tagline: "Easy isn't always simple."

Story: Ahsoka Tanno (Ashley Eckstein) loses her lightsaber to a pickpocket during a routine arrest with Obi-Wan Kenobi (Matt Lanter) in the Coruscant underworld. Slipping away before her master discovers what happened, the young Padawan frantically begins her investigation. She finds help from Tera Sinube (Gregory Baldwin), a wizened Jedi whose placid, unhurried demeanor immediately clashes with the younger Force-user's anxious desperation. They eventually pick up the trail on a pair of bounty hunters, but to find them Ahsoka will first have to quiet her worries.

Wolf, Not Sheep: I'll admit that I was a little concerned about this week's episode going in. With a Mandalore-centric arc starting next Friday, it's tough to get excited about what appears to be a "Padawan gets a lesson in Jedi patience" exercise. And to be fair, that's what "Lightsaber Lost" is. But it's a good one, well-executed with some great action and a few surprises that are sure to please fans. Like the Kowakian monkey-lizard cameo.

Parkour Wars: The highlight of the episode is Ahsoka's lengthy pursuit of one of the bounty hunters across the rooftops of Coruscant. There's an abundance of wall-running, ledge-inching, pole-climbing, gap-jumping action as the thief fumbles with her new toy to slow down the Padawan. Still, I have to wonder... if Ahsoka can Force yank a drainpipe off the side of a building, why can't she just snatch her lost weapon back when she's just steps behind the bounty hunter?

Sabercane: "Lightsaber Lost" is admittedly light on the dueling given the thieves' lack of Force talent, but the episode closes with an inspired new twist on the ancient Jedi tool. Tera Sinube confronts a lightsaber-wielding bounty hunter with his own take on the weapon: a sabercane. Love it.

Lesson Learned: Bounty hunters are really the ones who have something to learn from this episode. The thieves make a mismatched duo: there's Cassie Cryar (Jamie King), the lithe, acrobatic Terrellian that Ahsoka pursues, and Ione Marcy (Meredith Salenger), a naive, anxious amateur. Look, it's cool if you want to go after a Jedi's lightsaber. Just don't get someone who can't even tell a lie without hand-shakes to help you, you know?

It also couldn't hurt if Ahsoka worked on her Force grab.

Just An Appetizer: Next week kicks off a multi-episode arc focused on Mandalore. You know that armor Boba/Jango Fett wears? That's Mandalorian armor. Imagine a planet full of that. Yeah. And keep checking MTV Movies Blog before the episode airs for our interview with Dave Filoni, the show's supervising director.

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