With 'The Hills' Behind Him, Will James Franco Next Visit The 'Jersey Shore'? Maybe

If you're even a casual observer of viral videos, you've probably seen James Franco and Mila Kunis' hilarious take on the cast of MTV's "The Hills." So naturally, with "Jersey Shore" now firmly entrenched in the pop culture zeitgeist, we were curious whether Franco would next turn his attention to the antics of Snooki and friends.

While admitting he has yet to catch an episode, Franco's curiosity has been piqued.

"You know what? I've been hearing so much about "Jersey Shore," I really should watch it. I should get on that," Franco declared.

The one potential stumbling block? "Saturday Night Live" has already treaded that ground, and Franco counts himself as a fan. "[Bill] Hader did that pretty good and Bobby [Moynihan] did a pretty good spoof on 'SNL.' But maybe."

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