'Five Dollar Cover' Director Lynn Shelton On The Rebirth Of The Seattle Music Scene

Award-winning filmmaker Lynn Shelton made waves last year at Sundance with her...shall we say unique bromance movie "Humpday." Now she's back as director of MTV's "$5 Cover" webisode series, which follows the trials and tribulations of thirteen Seattle bands.

Given Shelton's Seattle roots and her obvious commitment to rock and roll, we wanted to know how the town's music scene has evolved since it's famous days as the epicenter of the '90s grunge movement. Apparently it's changed a lot.

"It's a whole new landscape," says Shelton, saying the level of interest of record company scouts to Seattle in the '90s created a sort of in-it-for-the-money music mill. But now it's different. "The people that I've been working with -- and I know there are tons more -- are really doing it for the love of music. They're just so passionate about it."

It's that level of attachment that draws Shelton to profiling bands. "I love the idea of creating a portrait that's really authentic and shows how the music is created," she exclaims. "The kinds of sacrifices they're making in their lives in order to do it."

Shelton hopes her turn at the "$5 Cover" wheel ("Hustle and Flow director Craig Brewer did the last season) will bring about a change in attitudes about her beloved city.

"When I went to Europe -- I traveled a lot for "Humpday" press this year -- people would say when they heard I'm from Seattle, "Okay, here are the two things I know about Seattle...coffee and grunge. Or Starbucks and Nirvana." And it's really nice to be able to push the reset button and to really show that there's just a whole new scene going on now, and amazing vibrant awesome music happening now.

For more on Shelton and the bands she's following, visit the official "$5 Cover" site.

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