'MacGruber,' 'Kick-Ass,' 'Tron Legacy' And More Under Investigation By The Promo Police

by Perri Nemiroff

For every film that hits theaters, we get at least one trailer, one poster, two clips and four stills. Let’s say two films hit theaters every weekend. That’s about 64 pieces of promotional material a month. Of course that’s only a rough estimate, but it’s clear we’re being bombarded by massive amounts of advertising. Have no fear, Promo Police is here.

In this inaugural article, “MacGruber,” “Kick-Ass,” the kids of “Frozen,” “Tron”’s yellow cycle and the partnership between Adidas and “Star Wars” are all under investigation. Are these suspects transgressors of poor promotion or are they model citizens? Check out the details on their rap sheets.

Trailer: "MacGruber" (Restricted Version)

The Good: The jokes. Pure silliness becomes absolute hilarity thanks to the comedic timing of Will Forte and Kristen Wiig.

The Bad: The jokes. Like the original Saturday Night Live skits, some of MacGruber’s quips fall flat.

Promotional Power: There are still a few more doubts to diffuse, but the outlook is good. See it here.

Poster: "Kick-Ass"

The Good: First of all, it’s a poster for "Kick-Ass," which makes it inherently good. The layering is very effective. The black background makes the white text and the yellow title pop but without overwhelming the poster’s focal point, the characters.

The Bad: Is the splatter effect really necessary? The rest of the poster is simple and clean. The added complexity is distracting.

Promotional Power: As intense as if "Kick-Ass" had real superpowers. See it here.

Clip: "Frozen"

The Good: The concept is what will draw people in. Just like Open Water, Frozen will provide moviegoers with an opportunity to ask themselves ‘What would I do in this situation?’

The Bad: Yelling, yelling and more yelling. Juicy details aren’t necessary, but at least provide footage with a little substance.

Promotional Power: About as much as the voices of our helpless victims. If it weren’t for the trailer, Frozen’s outlook would be icy. See it here.

Poster: "Tron Legacy"

The Good: You can’t tell me you don’t want that bike. The yellow cycle pops are more than the blue one.

The Bad: Other than the image’s potential to induce the urge to speed when plastered on billboards, absolutely nothing.

Promotional Power: Talk about a teaser. December 17th can’t come soon enough. See it here.

Commercial: Adidas "Star Wars" Sneakers

The Good: The inclusion of minimal yet profound elements from Star Wars. Everything from an ominous Darth Vader lurking in the shadows to a quick glimpse of the Death Star in the sky will give you Goosebumps.

The Bad: An amusement park, stickball, a running race and Snoop Dog? What does this have to do with Star Wars? And can we get a better look at the sneakers?

Promotional Power: The Imperial March remix is bound to get any fan’s heart pumping and wallet out. See it here.