EXCLUSIVE: 'The Runaways' Poster Is A Cherry Bomb Waiting To Explode

For many of us, myself included, this year's Sundance Film Festival is a faraway fantasy land, a snow-covered paradise of unreleased films and approachable celebrities. Twilighters especially are feeling the burn this year, as a number of their favorite stars are in Park City to promote one film or another. The biggest of those names is undoubtedly Kristen Stewart, who, along with fellow "New Moon" star Dakota Fanning, is there in support of rock & roll biopic "The Runaways."

We debuted the first trailer for the movie back in December. And just this week, we got a batch of new publicity stills and a new clip from the movie. Today, we've got more for you. An exclusive reveal of the new teaser poster. It's a pretty sweet image, I have to say. Hit the jump to see for yourself.