EXCLUSIVE: '21 Jump Street' Directors Say Script Isn't Finished, There's A Role For Johnny Depp 'If He Wants One'

At the Critics' Choice Awards last week, MTV's Josh Horowitz scored a few moments on the red carpet with "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs" directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Lord and Miller are set to next tackle "21 Jump Street," a contemporary adaptation of the late-'80s/early-'90s TV series about a group of undercover cops tasked with infiltrating a high school.

Even if you don't remember the show, there's one important fact you should know about it: "21 Jump Street" starred a (very) young Johnny Depp, and was responsible for his early fame. And since Depp has previously expressed interest to us in having a cameo in the coming adaptation, Josh had to follow up on it with the two directors.

"He has not seen the script yet, but we're very open to his participation," Lord said, his grin widening. "The biggest movie star in the world, we're totally open to him being in the movie. Yeah, twist our arm," he joked.

In fact, there is no script yet. Not a finished one, that is. Lord and Miller couldn't say for certain whether a role had already been written in for the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star, but they're willing to stay flexible.

"We're still working on the script," Miller said. "Michael Bacall is writing the script and there's certainly a role for Johnny if he wants one." What about other cameo possibilities? Richard Greico perhaps, who played Booker. "Too early to tell," was the reply.

Even though the script isn't finished, the duo already have strong opinions on how the film will play. "It's not a parody," Miller explained. "We're trying to make a great comedy about young cops who go undercover in a high school. We're trying to make it a great comedy, a great cop movie and a great action movie. That's why we're paired with [producer] Neal Moritz, who makes great comedies and great action movies."

The setting will be modern-day Los Angeles. As for returning characters, it's possible we'll see some familiar names, but that's not the focus. "We'll see," Miller said. "It's basically a new group."

Did you watch the original series? Will you see the movie? Those who don't want to see it: will a Depp cameo change your mind?

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