'The Wolfman' Has A New Tagline, Compliments Of Star Emily Blunt: 'I Almost Vomited'

In a few weeks, on February 12, Joe Johnston's long-awaited revival of classic creature feature "The Wolfman" finally hits theaters. The trailers have shown some pretty raw imagery-- enough for us to know that this is not a movie for kids. It's apparently not for star Emily Blunt either, as she told MTV's Josh Horowitz on the red carpet at last week's Critics' Choice Awards.

"It's very scary," she said. "I almost threw up a few times when i was watching it." Sounds like fun, right? Josh, hearing this, had a sudden epiphany. "That should be on the poster," he exclaimed.

"I think so too," Blunt agreed. "I almost vomited. Yeah," she said with a wide grin.

The star didn't drop any major bombs about the story, but she did admit to having seen most of "The Wolfman" in its pre-release form. "I think I've seen... 75 percent or 80 percent of it," she said. "And it's great! It's very much an homage to the old monster movies."

After a long wait and many delays, we'll be able to form our own opinions soon enough, when "The Wolfman" hits theaters next month.

Are you excited to see "The Wolfman"? Which of the pre-release materials -- trailers, posters, etc. -- has gotten you most excited? Have you ever watched a movie that made you throw up?