Will 'Spider-Man' Reboot Director Marc Webb Draw From Marvel's 'Ultimate' Reboot Line?

FROM SPLASH PAGE: It's starting to look like we've been way ahead of the news when it came to both the "Spider-Man" director and source material for Sony's upcoming reboot of the blockbuster movie franchise.

Webb is indeed looking to Brian Bendis' and Mark Bagley's "Ultimate Spider-Man" comics as inspiration for the new film franchise, according to an anonymous "scoop" on The Hollywood Reporter — but if you've been reading Splash Page lately, you not only knew that already, you heard it from Webb himself two days ago!

On Sunday night (less than 48 hours before he was announced as the new "Spider-Man" director), Webb deftly evaded many of our questions regarding the "Spider-Man" franchise — but did name-drop the "Ultimate Spider-Man" series as the source of some of his favorite Spidey stories.

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