Sundance 2010 Is On And The MTV Movies Team Is There To Bring You The Latest News

Sundance is about to get underway and MTV News is converging from all the corners of the globe. Well at least NYC and LA. Today is our travel day but there's also plenty of work to be done with the opening night film being unveiled at 6pm in Park City and setting up a home base at the Bing Bar on Main.

Later on, we'll be on the carpet talking to the stars of "Howl," namely James Franco, Jon Hamm, and Bob Balaban. All three are equal in my eyes. And hopefully we'll catch the film as well. We're cautiously optimistic given the cast and pedigree (it's about Allen Ginsberg), the caution coming from the checkered opening night track record of recent Sundances. You remember "Chicago 10" and "Mary & Max," right? Right?!?

There's no festival quite like Sundance. For every unexpected gem ("Little Miss Sunshine") there are ten "Chapter 27"s. I want a word with you for making me slog through the snow on a frigid night, Jared Leto. Luckily the surprising triumphs linger in your memory far longer than the duds. Except for "Chapter 27." Seriously Leto, what the hell. Oscar races begin here ("Precious" was just that Mo'nique/Mariah movie when it debuted) and career trajectories are changed forever (hello Marc Webb, new frickin' director of "Spider-Man").

We'll do our best to bring you all the highs and lows. Just about every A-list name is scheduled to chat with us in the coming week. So whether it's Kristen Stewart or Ben Affleck, Bill Murray or Ryan Gosling, keep checking back. We're exhausted just looking at the week ahead but we wouldn't miss it for the world. Hope you enjoy.