EXCLUSIVE: Ray Winstone Explains Love To A Bloody, Bound Man In This '44 Inch Chest' Clip

Show of (virtual) hands: who here saw "Sexy Beast"? It's a fun, clever tale about a retired gangster who is drawn back into the underworld by a very tempting offer. Only everything goes to crap and our poor gangster ends up with more headache than bonus retirement funds.

I'm mentioning "Sexy Beast" today because its writers, Louis Mellis and David Scinto, are back with the just-released "44 Inch Chest." Ray Winstone, star of "Sexy," headlines the story, a jealous husband who kidnaps and tortures his wife's lover. In our exclusive clip below, you can see Winstone introducing himself to his kidnappee in grand fashion, with a flowery explanation of what love means. It's both touching and disturbing. Enjoy.