EXCLUSIVE: Hiroshima Project Not Something 'Avatar' Director James Cameron Is 'Active On Right Now'

The news emerged in early January that "Avatar" director James Cameron optioned a World War II-set nonfiction novel. "The Last Train From Hiroshima: The Survivors Look Back" casts a spotlight on survivors of the atomic bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, with a particular focus on survivors of both blasts. Beyond that, we don't know much. Until now, thanks to Cameron's chat with MTV's Josh Horowitz on the red carpet at last weekend's Golden Globe Awards.

"I've been wokring on a hiroshima concept for a long time," he said. "I recently optioned ["The Last Train From Hiroshima: The Survivors Look Back"] that's actually about survivors of both the Hiroshima bombing and the Nagasaki bombing."

Cameron didn't mention what his plans are for the material, whether he'd like to forge it into a work of narrative fiction or tell the story as a documentary. What's clear is that this is something that's important to him.

"It's a very dark and tragic subject, but it's one that I think shouldn't be forgotten by history," Cameron explained. Unfortunately, it looks like we won't be seeing anything substantial emerge for at least the next little bit.

"It's not something that I'm active on right now," he said. "I'm going to wait until the dust settles on 'Avatar' and then think about what makes sense for me, artistically, going forward. There are maybe a couple little films, then [the 'Avatar' sequel]. Maybe a big film, who knows?"

What would you like to see Cameron tackle next?

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