SUNDANCE EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Gosling Disturbs Michelle Williams In This Clip From 'Blue Valentine'

Ryan Gosling fans haven't had much to get excited about lately. The "Notebook" star hasn't been seen on the big screen since 2007, in "Lars and the Real Girl." Well you'll see him again soon enough, especially if you're out at the Sundance Film Festival over the next week. Gosling will star with Michelle Williams in the sure-to-please-the-ladies romance flick "Blue Valentine."

The story follows Gosling and Williams as a married couple. In a bid to save their troubled relationship, the pair take a trip to a theme hotel and attempt to relive their life together, from their first meeting to the problems that plague them today. In the exclusive clip below, Gosling demonstrates in grand fashion that he's unhappy and wants some answers. But how far will he go?