'The A-Team' Director Joe Carnahan Answers Those Burning Fan Questions

We spoke with "The A-Team" director Joe Carnahan recently at length about his upcoming summer blockbuster as part of MTV's week-long "10 To Watch In 2010" interview series. While we weren't able to get a full plot synopsis -- you'll have to wait until "The A-Team" hits theaters on June 11 for that -- we did learn a number of juicy facts about the movie that ought to please fans of the original TV series.

Do you want to know what the deal is with the merc team's iconic super-van? Or if there might actually be a fatality this time around (famously, no one ever kicked the bucket on the TV show)? How about those memorable musical montages? We've got answers to all that and more after the jump... so click on through and get your answers now!

How similar will the A-Team van be to the original?

"It's the same make and model. It's a GMC Dura van, the body style is '83-'88, which was the same body style. But we've done our little tweaks to it, because if you look at the original van the rims are different. We put a low-profile package on it, so you could see it being driven around today ... it's a badass vehicle."

Where are B.A.'s gold chains in all of the promo materials?

"The mohawk is there. But the gold chains, to me, were always more of an affectation of Mr. T, not the B.A. character ... Rampage and I had a lot of conversations and we were both adamant that this character is B.A. Baracus, not Mr. T."

Will there be a body count larger than 0?

"At least one villain will die. Right there, we've already broken with tradition."

How will Murdock's (Sharlto Copley) crazy be played?

"We did a scene in Iraq where he's barbecuing steaks for everybody and he's using gunpowder to season it like you would salt and pepper. We had rigged everything to blow up and told [Copley], 'Be careful of your eyes.' And he just didn't care, man. He put his head right over there, the smoke's coming up in his face, the fire is in his face!"

Will we see the team preparing for some big mission to the strains of a musical montage?

"Of course. Yeah. There's some pretty wild stuff in there during our montage, some funny bits. Sharlto had some really big, spectacle moments. It's very much in keeping with the improvisational nature of,' OK, let's use this and that [to build something].' The A-Team really started that whole MacGyver thing."

Do you have any other questions about "The A-Team" that you want answered? For more from Carnahan, check out the full article at MTV.com!