Rainn Wilson Starts A Band With Ellen Page, Neil Patrick Harris And... Worf? Only In Today's Daily TwitPic

This is as weird a Daily TwitPic as I've ever seen. You all know who Rainn Wilson is, right? Aside from being a Twitter-Wood staple, he's also the star of hit TV comedy the series "The Office." That's nothing compared to his latest project though. As we learn in today's Daily TwitPic, Wilson has gone and started himself a band.

Forehead is what they're called, a name which should be immediately obvious when you see the picture after the jump. Wilson nabbed himself some fine performers too. I see Neil Patrick Harris, Ellen Page, Michael Dorn -- in costume as "Star Trek" character Worf, on the tambourines -- and a nameless woman down in front wearing headphones. Can anyone identify her? The MTV Newsroom is stumped.

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