'Legion' And 'Extraordinary Measures' Give 'Avatar' Some Competition In This Week's Box Office Poll

The weekly box office results have started to take the shape of a gladiatorial arena. "Avatar" is the champion contender, facing off each week against a new crop of fresh-faced movies that have absolutely no chance of casting a shadow across the phenomenon it has become. Yet. Perhaps the new week will see things change. After all, "The Book of Eli" came closer than any movie released since James Cameron's sci-fi epic to scoring a weekend box office win; it was just $10 million short of "Avatar"'s $41 million.

Three contenders step up to face off against the Na'vi this week. The closest competitor is probably Sony's "Legion," in which Paul Bettany stars as a machine gun-toting fallen angel, humanity's last defense against the Almighty's planned apocalypse. It sounds delightfully loony. I unfortunately haven't been able to check it out yet, but it's my probable pick for the weekend.

Also releasing is "Extraordinary Measures," a long-awaited pairing of "Indiana Jones" star Harrison Ford and "Mummy" star Brendan Fraser. Instead of traveling the globe in search of fantastic treasures, the two team up to fight disease! Fraser plays a family man with a bright future in corporate America... until his children are diagnosed with a terminal disease. So he enlists the aid of a brilliant man of science (Ford) to help find a cure.

Rounding out the crop of new wide releases is "Tooth Fairy," which sports an idea so zany that it just might work (but probably not). Dwayne Johnson stars as a trouble-making hockey player who is sentenced by the higher powers-that-be to serve for a week as a tooth fairy. Folks... I don't even have the words for this one. It's an outlandish scenario on its own, made even moreso when you factor in who the star is. I have to see it. Immediately.

You'll find out more about the trio of limited release offerings later today in the new unLimited. Here's what you've got though: "Creation," in which Paul Bettany stars as Charles Darwin, indie drama "To Save a Life" and French import "The Girl on the Train."