Former 'Twilight' Star Rachelle Lefevre Siphons Blood With A Smile In Today's Daily TwitPic

If ever there were a Daily TwitPic tailor-made for double-talk and wordplay, it's this one. Most of you readers know who Rachelle Lefevre is. At one time a noted "Twilight" actor -- the evil, red-haired vampire, Victoria -- Lefevre's role was re-cast for Bryce Dallas Howard in "Eclipse," the third installment in the series. The move caused an uproar among the franchise's vocal fanbase, sparking a series of public back-and-forth statements between Lefevre and "Twilight" studio Summit Entertainment.

In short, Lefevre is a vampire no more. And she proves it in today's Daily TwitPic. She no longer has a thirst for blood. In fact, she'd rather just get it out of her. Maybe not all of it -- that would have a negative impact on her health, I suspect -- but at least enough to help those in need. Yes, today's TwitPic shows us the lovely and talented young actress smiling widely as she engages in the good Samaritan activity of giving blood. Pic after the jump.

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