Golden Globes Red Carpet Recap! "Avatar," Clooney, "Spider-Man" Scoopage, And Pneumonia?

Ginormous red carpets are kind of like a round of speed dating. That is if the pool of your potential dates are those that keep US Weekly in business. Heather Graham gives you a once over and then makes a face as if she ate some sour milk as she saunters past. George Lucas pauses, thinks it over, and decides nah, why make me the happiest lad on the carpet (and I actually liked Jar Jar)? On your end, it's a series of split second bizarre calculations your mind is not meant to make. For instance Kenneth Branagh and Joseph Gordon-Levitt walk up to you at the same time but you can only talk to one (some skilled practitioners of the red carpet arts would say grab both but perhaps I'm not there yet), right? What do you do?

Yesterday was my second Globes red carpet. When we arrived I was thrilled to see we had a lovely position next to the giant "Extra" platform (we'll see in the weeks to come if some of that Mario Lopez je ne sais quoi rubbed off on me) and a USA Today reporter who literally almost poked Penelope Cruz's eye out with her umbrella. Yes, umbrella. If you watched the coverage last night you'll understand why my happiness over our super spot turned to fear and then to disdain and finally to shivering resignation. You see we didn't have one of them fancy what do you call them...roofs. So yeah we were all quite wet. But who's complaining. We had a blast.

All in all we chatted with 29 pretty people last night. And since we threw a whole lot of content on an unsuspecting MTV News-consuming world I thought I'd recap some of the greatest hits. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. We'll be back hard at work Tuesday morning bringing you a lot more from these chats.

Anna Kendrick does NOT talk "Twilight." Take that, haters of the franchise that pays all of our bills. Frankly I've interviewed Anna so much during her "Up in the Air" award season tour that I had nothing left to mine on the "Twilight" front. But she did tell me about making a fool of herself in front of Morgan Freeman. And that's almost as good as an RPattz story, no?

Courtney Cox cannot control her man. In the space of about 20 seconds chatting with Cox and David Arquette we managed to confirm some big-ish news about "Scream 4" AND potentially start a family squabble as David clearly was saying more than Courtney wanted him to.

Poor Marc Webb didn't know what hit him. I legitimately love "500 Days of Summer" and would gladly talk to the talented Webb any day of the week but I had an ulterior motive when I saw him on the carpet and screamed his name at the top of my lungs. Watch Marc squirm as he essentially confirms that he's in the hunt for Spider-Man.

Sigourney Weaver's Grace Augustine may have as many lives as Ripley. More reading between the lines when Laser Cats star Weaver stopped to chat. Am I reading the tea leaves incorrectly or do you think Weaver's coming back for the next "Avatar" flick too?

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