GOLDEN GLOBES RED CARPET: Sigourney Weaver Hints At 'Avatar' Sequel Return

Spoilers ahead, for those who haven't seen "Avatar."

Sigourney Weaver's character dies in the late stages of the movie, so why would she be back for the sequel? We don't know, and she can't say anything.

"It's science fiction. anything can happen." That's what she told MTV's Josh Horowitz on the 2010 Golden Globe Awards red carpet last night. "If you look at the footage, I don't really... I go somewhere, right?"

Whether or not Weaver is involved, she gets the feeling that Best Director Golden Globe winner James Cameron isn't ready to leave the Na'vi alone.

"I think it's what he wants to do [next]," she said. "Now that this world is created, he could have more fun with it. We have such a great ensemble and we love working together, so I hope he continues with it."

Are you ready for more "Avatar"? How soon would you hope to see a sequel?