Golden Globe Awards 2010: The MTV Live Blog!

The night has arrived, folks! The Golden Globes, one of the biggest Oscar predictors, is here, and we'll be live blogging you through the show. Hollywood Crush brought you a live blog featuring the red carpet highlights, and now we're here to take you through the show. Shout out to us on @MTVMoviesBlog and in the comments section to share your thoughts on the madness. I'll be here all night long. For now, on with the show...

11:00pm Finished on time. Thanks for reading, y'all! Now let's start making those Oscar picks!

10:58pm "Give it up for yourselves," says James Cameron. No, not you readers. The people at the awards show. They're afraid to start the music on him. I would be too. MAKE THEM GO OVER, KING JAMES!

10:56pm "Avatar" wins. And here comes the whole darn team. Congrats to you all.

10:55pm Moment of truth. Tell us, Julia Roberts. Tell us what we already know.

10:53pm We're in the last commercial break. Does anyone actually think "Avatar" WON'T win Best Picture?

10:48pm Seems like he's had a bit less to drink tonight than he did on Friday.

10:47pm The Dude abides. Long live The Dude.

10:46pm I could see Clooney or Bridges winning this one. Hard to say which.

10:40pm Yeah, I didn't reasonably expect Stuhlbarg to win. "A Serious Man" was phenomenal though. Robert Downey Jr. for "Sherlock".... great stuff. I loved that movie and Downey was perfect in it.

10:39pm I still don't understand why "Sherlock Holmes" got a Comedy nom. Wouldn't it be amazing if Michael Stuhlbarg won? He deserves it.

10:36pm Sandra Bullock for "The Blind Side." Another not-surprise. She sure had a great 2009, huh?

10:35pm It sounds funny when he says "Avatar" with that accent. And here comes Mickey Rourke. Do you think he brought a bowl of crazy with him?

10:33pm Hey, it's the Terminator! Talking up his old pal, Jim Cameron. And NBC burn #3. They've slowed down, haven't they?

10:27pm I freakin' love that tiger song. Good stuff. The movie was okay too.

10:27pm I want Ed Helms' AWESOME tiger song to win!

10:26pm Where's Zach Galifianakis? Did Tyson knock him out during the pre-show?

10:25pm "The Hangover" crew comes out, WITH Mike Tyson!

10:20pm "Glee" trumps "30 Rock." I am genuinely surprised.

10:19pm That speech was just a sneak preview for the Oscars.

10:17pm Did he just speak in Na'vi? Really?! Translation: "I own you all."

10:15pm Cameron wins. This is not a surprise. "Avatar" is massive, and Cameron is King of the World.

10:15pm Best Director. James Cameron. Highly likely.

10:14pm We haven't seen enough Gervais tonight. Especially since he's clearly on another beer, refilled after the last one. WHOA! MEL GIBSON BURN!

10:12pm And now we highlight "The Hurt Locker," which had a good night on Friday at the Critics' Choice Awards.

10:08pm Obligatory shot of George Lucas. That was a great speech, Marty.

10:04pm Congrats Marty. The only crime is that you don't have more statues at home.

10:02pm And it wouldn't be a Scorsese montage without the obligatory Rolling Stones song. Who can't wait to see "Shutter Island"?

10:01pm Let's be honest with ourselves here. It's ALWAYS a good time for a Martin Scorsese montage. Especially when said montage starts off with "Mean Streets."

9:59pm In the battle of the introductory speeches, De Niro beats DiCaprio easy. The former was much more heartfelt.

9:56pm Time to honor Martin Scorsese, one of the greatest living filmmakers. And who better to introduce him than two of his favorite stars, Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio.

9:52pm Seriously, if you haven't seen "Inglourious Basterds," correct that immediately. It's quite possibly Quentin's best.

9:50pm Another award for Christoph Waltz. WELL deserved. He will win the Oscar, no question.

9:49pm Ricky's back. And he's got a beer. I wish I had a beer.

9:47pm Chloe Sevigny for "Big Love." Interesting. I wouldn't have predicted that AT ALL.

9:46pm That was a tiny moment for Taylor Lautner. Go Team Jacob... we're still with you, guy.

9:45pm OMJ!!! It's a TWILIGHT!!!!!!!

9:38pm "Mad Men" slips past "Dexter." A few people here are surprised. I'm not.

9:37pm Chuck! It's Chuck! And that parks lady, whoever she is.

9:35pm Ah, "The White Ribbon." I'd forgotten. Haven't seen it yet, but I love Michael Haneke.

9:34pm Those are pretty badass glasses that Sophia is wearing. My pick is for "Broken Embraces," by the way.

9:33pm Props to Sophia Loren. And doesn't she look lovely?

9:32pm Samuel L. Jackson has a tiny cameo in "Inglourious Basterds." He narrates.

9:27pm I'm not much of a fashion commentator, but what's with that extraneous strap on Maggie Gyllenhaal's dress? It doesn't look right.

9:27pm Alec Baldwin. Easy win. He's freakin' amazing. And hilarious.

9:26pm That announcer just called him "Koo-cher."

9:24pm Oh well. I suppose an "Up in the Air" win was to be expected.

9:23pm If there's justice in this world, "District 9" will win. Yes, there are some great other ones in this category, but "District 9" needs SOME kind of bone, right?! It was amazing!

9:22pm Oh no! Writer burn! Screw you, Gervais!

9:21pm Now we cast the spotlight on "It's Complicated." Why? Well... it's complicated...

9:16pm That was sweet. Very heartfelt. You babbled a little, but at least it felt genuine. Good stuff, Drew.

9:14pm Awwww...Drew Barrymore. So cute.

9:12pm Reader poll: should Kevin have thanked his wifey by name? Sound off.

9:11pm First win for Kevin Bacon. And the second "River Wild" reference this month. Weird.

9:11pm Look! It's AvaStars! Ba-dum dum.

9:10pm Don't get me wrong, there's some incredible film in there. But "Precious" is ROUGH.

9:09pm Aaaaaaand we're back. Helen Mirren is talking to us about life. And "Precious." Oy.

9:03pm Awwwww... mom shouts are always a Win.

9:02pm Like I said. Go Meryl. You're one of the best.

9:01pm Meryl Streep is a lock.

8:59pm Be careful Ricky. Knock Colin Farrell too much, and you're likely to get yourself smacked in the head.

8:57pm Ah, Tom Hanks. Does anyone NOT love this guy? Other than crazy people.

8:55pm Hey, whaddya know. Lucky guess for me.

8:54pm I have zero predictions for this category, but "Grey Gardens" feels likely. Does that count for anything?

8:48pm As expected, "Up." And Michael gushing over getting props from a Beatle. I can't blame him, the lucky bastard.

8:47pm Best Original Score. Personally, I loved the music in "The Informant," but I think this is Pixar's/Michael Giacchino's category to lose this year.

8:46pm Nope, talent wins out. Go T-Bone, with your badass name.

8:45pm Will it go to "Crazy Heart" or will this be our first obligatory "Avatar" win?

8:44pm Oh Ricky. Your genuine humor is so refreshing in comparison to some of the forced stuff I've seen... recently.

8:42pm Han Solo!

8:37pm NBC burn #2... so begins the running tally.

8:36pm Julianna Margulies for "The Good Wife." I am a 31 year old male and I've never seen that show. I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

8:34pm Congrats Michael C. Hall. Good job, buddy. Wipe that lipstick off your face.

8:33pm I have no predictions for this category. Just a guess. "Dexter."

8:32pm Time to honor the long life of awards show. Snore.

8:30pm For the record... Ricky Gervais is a much better presenter than some I've seen in recent days. Not naming names.

8:29pm I thought we were getting a musical number. Just a clip. Whew.

8:23pm Yeah, "Up." Don't be surprised when that takes the Academy Award for Best Animated too.

8:21pm Hard category to pick. A lot of GREAT animated flicks last year. "Up" is probable.

8:20pm Hey! It's that guy from "Rock Band"!

8:20pm He's been creeping viewing audiences out for far longer than six months.

8:18pm One day I will have to finish watching season one of "Dexter" and move on from there. Good job, Lithgow. It doesn't get any better than "Raising Cain" or "Ricochet" for me. Just saying.

8:17pm I believe we know where my loyalties lie. C'mon Michael Emerson! Don't let NPH and Lithgow psych you out!

8:16pm And we're back, welcoming Mavis Spencer as this year's Miss Golden Globe.

8:11pm Toni Collette eh? I would've guessed Tina Fey. Readers: how is "The United States of Tara"?

8:09pm "Lost" is back in mere weeks. I almost can't contain myself.

8:07pm Yeah, that was no surprise at all.

8:06pm Mo'Nique for Best Supporting Actress... no question.

8:05pm Classy... shouting out to Haiti aid. And it's not just classy because she gave love to George Clooney and MTV.

8:04pm Ooooo... NBC late night burn.

8:02pm A plug for "The Office." Still not as shameful as the DiGiorno's plug at the People's Choice Awards.

8:01pm Isn't it a little early to be picking on Steve Carell?

7:59pm Almost time!