UPDATE: Kathryn Bigelow, Producers Not Attached To 'Taliban' Film, Says NY Times

Taliban militantsEarlier today, we passed on a report from the trade magazine Production Weekly that stated "Hurt Locker" helmer Kathryn Bigelow was attached to direct a gripping first-person account from New York Times reporter David Rohde, who was kidnapped in Afghanistan and held for seven months. According to the paper, however, that story was false.

"This report is inaccurate. There is no movie deal," a Times spokeswoman told MTV News. Additionally, she countered "The Hollywood Reporter"'s claim that producers Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall and screenwriter Stephen Belber were attached as well. "There is no deal and no one is attached to the project," the spokeswoman stated.

While the reporter's six-part account of his harrowing experience is tailor-made for Hollywood, it seems at least for now it'll remain on the printed page.