'Avatar' Director James Cameron Beat Lady Gaga To The Blues

Great minds think alike? Call it a case of parallel thought, but it turns out that James Cameron and Lady Gaga both have a fondness for blue people. While the director made the central characters in his latest blockbuster the hue, the singer/ performance artist wanted to paint herself the color for a future live performance. Unfortunately, with "Avatar" fever sweeping the world, Gaga has had to abandon the idea; it seems Cameron beat her to the punch.

Gaga, wearing a spiky-hair headband and a white one-shoulder onesie, appeared on the same episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" as "Avatar" director James Cameron and revealed that she had always wanted to paint herself blue. "It's actually funny about James Cameron, 'cause I've been talking about how I want to paint myself blue for a performance for the longest time," she explained. "I've been preparing to do it and then 'Avatar' came out."

I suppose the minds behind the Haus of Gaga decided that Lady Gaga nearly setting herself on fire or allowing herself to bleed to death onstage will have to suffice until they decide on another color to paint the star. But it's interesting to hear that long before the world caught a case of the "Avatar" blues, Gaga — being the forward-thinker that she is — already had the color on her mind.