EXCLUSIVE: 'The A-Team' Director Joe Carnahan Says There's Still 'A Fighting Chance' Of A Mr. T Cameo

There are five months left until “The A-Team” hits theaters, and director Joe Carnahan has wrapped principal production. But for anyone out there who thinks Mr. T won’t be making a cameo in the flick, well, we pity the fool.

“There’s still a discussion about T,” the “Smokin’ Aces” filmmaker revealed to us recently during an interview for his “10 to Watch in 2010” profile. “We would love to get [Mr. T] in this film somewhere. He’s such a personality.”

Growing up, my friends and I always loved Mr. T because he was an energetic, larger-than-life, and somewhat off-the-wall character. Those same traits are why fans still love the strongman at age 57 –- and the reason why he has steadfastly refused to do an “A-Team” cameo ever since breaking the news with us nearly 3 years ago.

“We don’t do cameos!” he told us at the time, punching at the camera and warning potential filmmakers like Carnahan. “Don’t disrespect us, or Pow! Pow!”

Mr. T was asked again last month, and maintained his stance that unless he plays B.A. Baracus, he won’t be in the movie. According to Carnahan, Mr. T’s affection towards the new B.A. “Rampage” Baracus may be thawing him out.

“I think that he has tremendous respect for Rampage, and there’s always a way to make these things work,” said Carnahan, who also confirmed that original “A-Team” members Dirk Benedict and Dwight Schultz will appear in cameos separate from each other. “Just to have the presence [of Mr. T] in this film, I think, would be a big boon.”

Currently, Carnahan said, he is leaving the lines of communication open with Mr. T’s camp and hoping for the best -– if not now, then perhaps in the sequel that the final scenes of his “A-Team” movie will set up.

“There’s other movies,” Carnahan said. “There’s other opportunities and avenues, potentially, after this one that we can certainly explore.”

But before he starts thinking sequel, the filmmaker intends to do everything he can to organize a quick re-shoot with Mr. T to be inserted into the June 11th film. “I don’t want to say there’s a decent chance – but I do want to say there’s a fighting chance,” Carnahan said. “There are a lot of determinants in [whether Mr. T will do the cameo]; who knows? It’s Hollywood, man. It could go any number of ways.”

What do you think? Should Mr. T give in and film a cameo, or should he stick to his guns? Pow! Pow!