Donations For Haiti, 'Toy Story 3' And Pictures of 'Twilight' Actresses In Today's Twitter-Wood

If someone in the Twitter-Wood feed hasn't tweeted a link to an organization accepting donations for Haiti, they've probably posted a question asking where they can donate, as "Twilight" actor Alex Meraz did today. His "New Moon" co-star Rachelle Lefevre, meanwhile, sent TwitcPic'd a shot straight from the blood center where she want to donate some blood. Yet another "Twilight"-er, Ashley Green posted a pic as well, but I really can tell you much more about it beyond the fact that she's wearing a crown.

The other big stories of the week remained all over the feed today. Andy Milonakis praised Jimmy Kimmel's contributions to the Leno and Conan debacle, while another actor revealed who made him cry during "American Idol." Find out who that was, as well as who took home a gift from the wrap for Michel Gondry's "Green Hornet" and what Lee Unkrich had to say about his last day at "Toy Story 3" production with a full crew and animators. It's all in the Twitter-Wood report for January 15, 2010.

Twitter Pic of the Day:

@RachelleLefevre - Giving blood!

-Rachelle Lefevre, Actress ("Twilight," "Casino Jack")

@AshleyMGreene Pretty

-Ashley Greene, Actress ("Twilight," "Skateland")

@TheAlexMeraz My prayers go to the lives lost in haiti and for those clinging for help I'm researching websites so i can donate...

-Alex Meraz, Actor ("New Moon,"Eclipse")

@AndyMilonakis Wow, Kimmel murdered Leno....that was way sicker and more vicious than most rap battles.

-Andy Milonakis, Actor ("Waiting...," "Who's Your Caddy?")

@mrosenbaum711 Idol is on!!!!! I weeped to that girl Katie who takes care of her grandmother. I hope she wins. Good lord. Go call your grandparents people.

-Michael Rosenbaum, Actor ("Smallville," "Poolhall Junkies")

@leeunkrich Today is our last day on Toy Story 3 with the full crew of animators. They've been busting their butts, and it's looking awesome!

-Lee Unkrich, Director ("Finding Nemo," "Toy Story 2")

@MichaelPapajohn on the lot where THOR is being filmed..just picked up my GREEN HORNET wrap gift..

-Michael Papajohn, Actor ("Spider-Man," "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen")

@BrianLynch Joe Johnston promises a JURASSIC PARK trilogy? I want prequels, so we can see how a scared little raptor became a COLD BLOODED KILLER.

-Brian Lynch, Writer/Director ("Puss in Boots," "Big Helium Dog")

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