‘Caprica’ News Site For ‘The Caprican’ Launches

One thing I’m very excited for in these opening weeks of 2010 is the launch of the new SyFy series, “Caprica.” We’ll be covering that series in the same way we have “Fringe,” “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and others: with recaps, interviews and any other fun treatments we can dream up. I’ll be your official recapper for the “Caprica” series.

Today we get an early jump on things with the launch of a new SyFy promo site for The Caprican, which appears to be the leading news source for the planet Caprica, and perhaps the whole of the Twelve Colonies. We’ll know soon enough, when the series kicks off on 1/22. For those who don’t know, “Caprica” is a spin-off of sorts to Ron Moore’s and David Eick’s fantastic “Battlestar Galactica” reboot series.

There’s not a whole lot of content to be found yet, but the site did only just launch. The front page banner feeds you Pyramid scores — the “BSG” sport of choice — and a celestial forecast. Why the average Caprican would want to know the solar wind speed and solar wind density (468.3 km/sec and 4.1 protons/cm3, respectively) on a daily basis is anyone’s guess, but the info is there. There’s also a “Stock Watch” on the side of the page, with quotes for Graystone Industries and competitor VERGIS Corporation– the former is up and the latter is down.

The articles in general deal with elements introduced during the pilot: a profile of the Graystone family (who play a big role in the birth of the Cylons), Monotheists, rising MAGLEV (think subways, but cooler and above-ground) fares… fun stuff. Hardcore “BSG” followers will no doubt love digging through the site for any hints of what we can expect from the series when it launches next week.

Did you watch “Battlestar”? Are you excited for “Caprica”? Did you like the pilot?