Casting Breakdowns For 'The Thing' Prequel Are Very Uninspiring

DESCIn March, yet another reboot/reset/revisit/rehash/re-whatever will commence filming in the form of "The Thing," an alleged prequel to the classic 1980s thriller directed by John Carpenter.

We already know that the new Matthijs Van Heijningen-directed prequel focuses on the the ill-fated helicopter crew seen in the beginning of the Kurt Russell-starring flick. Beyond that and the fact that "Battlestar Galactica" creator Ronald Moore had a role in crafting the story, the details have been scarce.

Until now, that is, thanks to an extensive casting call provided by Spoiler TV that reveals just about everything you need to know about the movie's main characters.

First billing goes to Kate Lloyd, a young Columbia University graduate that comes into direct conflict with Norwegian scientist Dr. Sander Halvorson (another of the leads) upon the discovery of an alien spacecraft in the middle of their Antarctica research site. When Halvorson defiantly pursues his research over the Thing, Kate has to turn to an unlikely ally in the form of Han Solo-esque helicopter pilot Sam Carter, essentially a mercenary that's motivated purely by money.

So, yeah, that sound you just heard was me smacking my forehead against the desk.

For something that's billed as a prequel, it sure reeks of a remake. Carter is more or less the same guy as MacReady. Kate and Halvorson are the inheritors of Wilford Brimley's character, with one getting his rationale and the other his age. The only ingredient that's missing is the claustrophobic psychological angle — you know, the thing that made "The Thing" compelling in the first place.

The unoriginality of the character breakdowns combined with the fact that Moore seemingly no longer has any influence on the project has significantly diminished my hopes for this film. I'll try and reserve some judgment, but my expectations are very low right now.

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