'Four Brothers' To Reunite For Imaginatively Titled Sequel, 'Five Brothers'

Director John Singleton has been quiet for awhile now. For a time, he was named as the helmer of next summer's "The A-Team," though Joe Carnahan ultimately ended up with that gig. In fact, Singleton hasn't directed a feature since 2005's not-bad "Four Brothers."

The news today is that he may be getting back with the "Brothers" once more, for a sequel titled "Five Brothers." The idea for the follow-up comes from "Four" star Mark Wahlberg and the original's writers, David Elliott and Paul Lovett, The Hollywood Reporter reveals. The actor also may return to star.

There's also no confirmation that Singleton will be back. He directed the first movie of course, and his only upcoming project (as listed on IMDB) is superhero flick "Luke Cage," posted for a 2011 release. He could easily fit in a smallish project like this before the Marvel Comics movie starts rolling; that's assuming it's even still happening and on schedule.

"Four Brothers" followed the titular (adopted) siblings -- played by Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson, Andre Benjamin (aka Andre 3000) and Garrett Hedlund -- as they worked to avenge their mother's death. There's nothing plot-related about the planned sequel to reveal just yet, though it's a safe bet (SPOILER ALERT) that Hedlund won't be returning, being that his character didn't survive "Four Brothers." (END SPOILER)

Which means we're probably going to be looking at two new brothers, right? Assuming we can take the sequel's title literally, the surviving group of three will need to add two more to their number. It's all just conjecture at this point; I think the big question to ask for now is "what would bring this crew back together after the last time?" And that's what I want to know from you all. Share your thoughts with us on Twitter or in the comments section below!