‘Avatar’ Gets Us Thinking About Our Other Favorite Blue Stars Of Screens Large And Small

Avatar” director James Cameron has had enough. He wants nothing more to do with blue people. He was even reportedly heard saying the following: “I’m seeing blue people everywhere including my f–king dreams. I feel like Picasso exiting his blue period and exploring other colours. Jeez, if I see another f–king blue person I’m going to punch the key grip’s lights out.”

Cameron may be tired of blue people, a reference to the alien Na’vi that factor heavily into the plot of “Avatar,” but we are most definitely not. Most of the MTV Newsroom has seen the movie now, and multiple times. But it’s still in theaters, and many of us need our blue person fix more frequently than can reasonably be achieved, what with the pressures of work, staying fed and getting enough sleep. So we’ve turned to other sources for blue people, from TV and film alike, to keep us going until the next “Avatar” fix comes along.

William Wallace in “Braveheart”
Some of you are going to call this one out as a cheat. After all, star Mel Gibson isn’t fully blue in “Braveheart.” He’s not even mostly blue. It’s only half of his face that’s painted, and then only when he’s making war. But I have to ask: are you going to tell William Wallace what he is and what he isn’t? Because I’m not. I like my head just fine where it is– firmly attached to my neck.

Mystique and Nightcrawler in “X2: X-Men United”
Most fanpersons will agree that “X2: X-Men United” is one of the best, if not the best, comic book movie around. It also boasts not one but two all-blue characters. Alan Cumming plays Nightcrawler, whose ability to teleport is nowhere near as memorable as his demonic visage. The only reason folks would never mistake him for an agent of the underworld is that striking blue pigmentation. As for Mystique… she’s a blue shape-changer. She’s also Rebecca Romjin beneath all of that makeup. Let us never forget that.

Abe Sapien in “Hellboy”
We celebrate two performers for bringing “Hellboy” hero Abe Sapien to life: David Hyde Pierce for the voice and Doug Jones for slipping into what must have been a hideously uncomfortable bodysuit. The B.P.R.D. detective/scientist is a funky-looking dude, a blue-skinned amphibious creature. Once a human, the being known as Abe Sapien was transformed by an occult ritual into a blue freak. He’s not a freak to us though; blue is the new… something or other.

Plavalaguna in “The Fifth Element”
Do you recognize that character’s name from “The Fifth Element”? No? She’s the singing diva featured in the climactic opera house scene. Like Abe Sapien, two performers brought her to life: Albanian soprano Inva Mula-Tchako provided the voice while Maïwenn Le Besco wore the bodysuit. It’s an unforgettable scene largely because of Mula-Tchako’s impressive, though slightly digitally altered, singing voice. And the blue form from which that voice emerges.

Tobias Fünke in “Arrested Development”
Time to be completely honest. Tobias Fünke is the reason this feature exists. Who can forget his aspirations of joining the Blue Man Group? Or their continued, and increasingly irate, refusals? David Cross is a gifted comic and “Arrested Development”’s Tobias Fünke was the perfect vessel through which his genius could flow. Without the Cross character and his Blue Man Group hopes, the world wouldn’t have genius examples of wordplay like “I’m afraid I just blue myself.” Hidden message? Bring back “Arrested Development.”