'Modern Family' Star Jesse Tyler Ferguson Has Some Great News To Share In Today's Daily TwitPic

Here's my big confession of the day: to my great shame, I've yet to witness the hilarity that is TV's "Modern Family." I've lost count now of the number of people, family and friends alike, who know that I'm an "Arrested Development" nut and use the fact to explain why I should be watching the new series. I'll get there, I really will. Especially now that we know there's more to come.

In today's Daily TwitPic, "Modern Family" star Jesse Tyler Ferguson shares some great news with the world in his typically entertaining style. He's excited -- not that you can tell from the expression he's wearing in the twitpic -- because "Modern Family" just got picked up for a second season. And he got something other than a lousy T-shirt to mark the occasion. Note that I didn't say it's something better... merely something.

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