EXCLUSIVE: 'Dune' Director Explains Plans For 'Faster' Movie, Better Representations Of Clothes And Tech

Recently, we spoke with red-hot “Taken” filmmaker Pierre Morel about his high-profile plans to take over the “Dune” franchise. A die-hard Frank Herbert fan, Morel insisted he was going to be "very respectful" to the original novel. Now, we present the second part of our interview, in which the energetic director reveals specific plans for what how he intends to translate the beloved sci-fi series for wide audience.

“Like many people, I was not fully satisfied with David Lynch’s movie in 1984,” Morel told us in a recent phone interview. “I do respect David, and I think his interpretation and vision was interesting, but not what we [fans] expected. And I thought I’d give it a chance, try to do this, make it faster and more modern. I think that now, in 2010, we have the technology to achieve much more than David could do twenty-five years ago. I think it will be cool to try something different.”

The first thing Morel plans to tweak, he revealed, are the clothes. “Well, this is supposed to take place 10,000 years from now, so I wonder why people are still dressed like Captain Nemo,” he said with a laugh. “It feels very 19th century to me. I think the [character’s clothes] should be much more modern than that. That’s one thing [I’ll change]; that’s a basic thought.”

Another major tweak, he explained, will involve how the technology of the future is presented. “We’ll try to figure out what things may look like 10,000 years from now; it’s all about reconfiguring the entire universe. Everything is going to be very different than [it is] now,” Morel said. “And we know from the book that there’s no more computers, no thinking machines. So a lot of the technology is going to be different. We’ll be working with design concepts, futurists and scientists who will give us a vision of how technology may evolve with certain conditions. That might lead us to another vision of the future – it’s not David Lynch’s vision, it’s not ours either, but in-between.”

“We start the writing process in a couple weeks; there’s so much to sort out,” the filmmaker explained. “[My ‘Dune’] is not a sequel to anything. It’s just a re-interpretation of the original novel.”

Naturally, the complex storyline will take some time to develop before Morel can make it into a “faster and more modern” blockbuster; but if the filmmaker has his way, he’ll get to work on it immediately. “I hope it is the one I’m shooting next, but we’re starting from scratch. We’re re-writing the script, and then we’ll have to figure out the technology [and how it will be depicted], and that’s going to take awhile,” he reasoned. “But best-case scenario, that will be my next one. I’d love for it to be my next one.”

What do you think of Morel’s plans for a “faster and more modern” movie with futuristic clothes and technology? Is he on the right track?