EXCLUSIVE: Psychedelic Image From Animal Collective's 'ODDSAC,' Premiering At Sundance

Just what is a "visual album," anyway? Animal Collective, along with filmmaker Danny Perez, hope to educate their fans on the terminology when their film "ODDSAC" premieres at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT on January 26.

After over four years of collaboration, the band and Perez will present a film that features an original score of new songs that won't appear in any other form. "It was meant to be an open-ended operation of audio-video synthesis, the passing back and forth of visuals and sound so that each would inform the other and create an organic structure," the filmmaker said.

While it doesn't look like Animal Collective fans will be able to find an album available to download or buy in stores, the film will hit theaters in April and May and make its way to DVD in June.

In the meantime, enjoy an exclusive psychedelic image from the visual album "ODDSAC" and keep watching the Twitter feed for the latest updates.

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