Demi Moore Doesn't Have Anything To Hide, Including Her Monkey, In Today's Daily TwitPic

I learned a new fact this morning about Demi Moore: she has something in common with my sister. Both of them are big fans of stuffed monkeys. Moore's Twitter feed yesterday brought a flurry of updates about the plush toys, many of them with pictures. Our favorite, picked for this morning's Daily TwitPic, shows us Moore holding up an old, black & white picture of herself with her very first monkey. Adorable. Or is it?

Maybe it's just me, but does anyone else find that monkey to be tremendously creepy? Look at that wide-eyed face, that giant, hungry grin. I feel like that thing is going to burst out of the photo at any moment and consume my soul. It's like the evil monkey from "Family Guy," but real. Cute picture or not, I don't trust that thing. Not one little bit.

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