Stephenie Meyer Against Breaking Up 'Breaking Dawn,' A Source Says (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Thanks to a tip from twitter follower @KimberChambers, we have an update on this direct from Stephenie Meyer herself:

Just a quick note on the subject of the Breaking Dawn film: there is no drama over whether the book should be one movie or two. My personal feeling is that it would be very difficult to cram the whole story into one movie (as I've said in many interviews previous to this), but if a great way of doing that surfaces, I'm all for it. Two or one, whichever way fits the story best is fine by me, and everyone I've spoken with at Summit seems to feel the same way. We're all excited to move forward on this, and we are slowly and surely getting there. I know people are anxious for news, and so sometimes gossip get fabricated to stir things up, but there's no basis to this particular story.


So move along. Nothing to see here. The original post is preserved after the jump, for posterity.

Hey Twilighters. You know how "Twilight," "New Moon" and "Eclipse" have all gotten big screen adaptations, but nothing official has been said about making a movie out of Stephenie Meyer's fourth book, "Breaking Dawn"? It turns out that there might be a very good reason for this.

It seems that Meyer and Summit Entertainment haven't been able to agree on how the final chapter in the teen vampire series should be adapted. As has long been rumored, Summit is in favor of splitting the book into two movies. Meyer, on the other hand, isn't so sure that's the right thing to do. This all comes to us by way of E! Online, speaking to an unnamed mole.

"Stephenie is calling the shots... and she still can't decide whether or not [making two movies] is the right thing to do creatively," the source said. "Both sides have very different agendas." The source also suggests that the "Twilight" author isn't interested in fame, she just wants to serve the story creatively. From what little I know of her, this all seems accurate and entirely believable.

It also pins an explanation to the delay in the long-expected "Breaking Dawn" announcement. The success of the "Twilight" series cannot be understated. Summit probably wants to get the fourth book adapted ASAP, while they've got the large cast of increasingly high-profile stars handy and ready for more. And Meyer... well she's always been her fans' biggest fan.

With that in mind, what do you all think? Would the series be served creatively by splitting book four into two movies instead of one? I know you want as much "Twilight" as you can get, and I know there are reasonable ways to split that book up, but is there enough story to carry two films instead of just one? What do you think?