The Beatles Voices Come Together For Robert Zemeckis' 'Yellow Submarine'

I'm a fan of Disney, of Robert Zemeckis, of The Beatles and of the classic movie, "Yellow Submarine." As a fan of all these things, you'd think I would be beside myself with excitement over Zemeckis' upcoming 3-D, performance capture-driven "Submarine" remake. Even with today's news, a casting announcement to round out the fictional Fab Four, the best I can say is that I'm "cautiously optimistic." It's not a knock on Disney or Zemeckis; I just can't understand why an amazing film like "Yellow Submarine" needs to be revisited.

Oh. Right. Money. Anyway... the word today is that the final Beatle voice has been cast. Peter Serafinowicz, the voice of Darth Maul in "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace," will put words in Sir Paul McCartney's mouth, according to a report from Empire Online. He joins Dean Lennox Kelly (John Lennon), Cary Elwes (George Harrison) and Adam Campbell (Ringo Starr) to round out the foursome. None of them will be singing, however.

Along with Serafinowicz' casting, Empire also revealed that Beatles tribute band Fab 4 will sing along to actual Beatles tracks. This seems a bit odd. If you're going to get a cover band, why not have them play too? And if you're going to use Beatles tracks, why not use the vocals from them? Odd.

What do we think of the foursome? Elwes is the only one I know really well, the only one I feel like most people will know well. Fans of Simon Pegg may recognize Serafinowicz from "Shaun of the Dead," "Run Fatboy Run" and even "Spaced." Kelly has done a fair bit of UK TV, but not so much over here. And Campbell, he appeared in both "Date Movie" and "Epic Movie," but his most recent claim to fame is a recurring role on the mystery/horror TV series, "Harper's Island."

What do you think of the "Yellow Submarine" casting? Are you familiar with any of the voice actors? Good choices? What do you make of the odd musical decision, to have a cover band sing over Beatles tracks?