Steven Soderbergh's 'Knockout' Recruits Channing Tatum, Antonio Banderas In Talks To Join Cast

DESCThe impressive ensemble cast for "Knockout," Steven Soderbergh's upcoming action spy thriller starring mixed martial arts expert Gina Carano, has just added two more names to the mix.

According to The Playlist, "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" star Channing Tatum has joined the cast of "Knockout," while Antonio Banderas is currently in talks to participate in the film.

Tatum has a role that is "relatively small in the scope of things," playing a member of the special ops squadron that Mallory Kane — the lead character played by Carano — belongs to. Tatum's character Aaron is tasked with tracking Kane down after she's double-crossed and set up for a murder.

Banderas, meanwhile, is in discussions to play the head of a European black-ops unit.

The latest report has some new insight into the film's previously cast actors. Michael Fassbender — already known to be part of Kane's team — will play an "untrustworthy" member of the squadron. Michael Douglas plays a Brian Cox type, but ultimately aligns himself with Kane. Ewan McGregor's character is the owner of the special ops squadron and a former lover of Kane's, but that's not stopping him from setting her up in the first place. Dennis Quaid's role was previously unknown, but now it's clear that he'll play Kane's father.

Obviously, Soderbergh is going the "Ocean's Eleven" route for his latest film — that is, he's casting as many known quantities as possible, whether they're A-list actors or just familiar faces that will pop on the screen. I'm certainly impressed by the cast so far and can't wait to see who else joins the "Knockout" party.

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