Nathan Fillion Leaves Us Confused With Today's Daily TwitPic

I'm usually pretty good at sleuthing out the meaning behind each morning's Daily TwitPic. Celebrities post some weird images on the Internet, and then they make things worse by micro-blogging some cryptic, 140-character description to go with it. Each day is a new challenge then; figuring out why that picture went up on a particular day and, in some cases, exactly what the crap it means.

I'm struggling this morning with that second one. Nathan Fillion, star of ABC TV series "Castle," is the culprit. He plays a noted mystery novelist who tags along with NYPD detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) as part of his research for an upcoming book. In his twitpic, we can see the ceiling of some heavily ventilated location -- presumably a kitchen or a morgue or somesuch -- and a note pinned up that says something about Czech assassins and Swiss ambassadors. The accompanying tweet reads "Nathan, when you work late hours, how do you focus enough to remember your lines?" The note presumably contains snippets of Fillion's key lines for that particular scene, but there's so little written down, it's hard to say. "Castle" fans... what do you think?

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