'Dollhouse' Episode 2.11 Recap: 'Getting Closer'

DESCEpisode Title: "Getting Closer"

Written By: Tim Minear

Synopsis: There is a war coming between the Los Angeles Dollhouse and the rest of the Rossum Corporation. Echo (Eliza Dushku) wants to awaken her true persona of Caroline Farrell, who had a face-to-face encounter with the man in charge of Rossum before turning into Echo. But before she and her allies can learn that information, it's revealed that Caroline's stored memory has gone missing, leading to the recruitment of scientist supreme Bennett Halverson (Summer Glau).

Even as the forces of Rossum come closing in on the Dollhouse, love hangs thick in the air. Anthony Ceccoli and Priya Tsetsang — better known as Victor (Enver Gjokaj) and Sierra (Dichen Lachman) — run off to be with one another, Topher Brink (Fran Kranz) seals the deal with Bennett, and Whiskey (Amy Acker) has secretly been living with Boyd Langton (Harry Lennix) for the past several months. But one of these relationships ends in death and another takes an even more shocking turn.

Not-So-Sweet Caroline: As has been suggested for quite some time, Echo's original personality of Caroline was essentially a youthful terrorist that tried to destroy the Rossum Corporation. When she was captured, she was taken to see the men in charge of the evil entity. As such, her awakening is crucial to the success of Echo and her allies over Rossum since Clyde — the co-founder of Rossum seen within the Attic in the most recent episode — hinted that his unknown partner is pulling the strings. While Caroline was certainly rough around the edges, her nastiness paled in comparison to another returning female character.

Harsh Whiskey: We haven't seen Doctor Saunders in quite some time, largely due to Amy Acker's commitment to ABC's "Happy Town." Now she's back, having apparently lived with Boyd in a secret romantic relationship, but she's not the good doctor we used to know and love. After complimenting Bennett for bringing out a warm side in Topher, Whiskey proceeds to put a bullet directly through the young scientist's head, right in front of a shocked Topher. But even Whiskey isn't the most vicious player of the evening. That distinction belongs to...

Bad Boyd: In perhaps the most shocking and important twist of the series so far, Boyd Langton is revealed to be Clyde's enigmatic co-founder of the Rossum Corporation — in other words, the ultimate villain of "Dollhouse." It's clear from his encounter with Caroline that her placement inside of the Dollhouse, with him as her handler, was ruthlessly calculated, though his exact intentions remain unclear.

The fact that levelheaded Boyd has been a bad guy all this time is just too amazing for words. It adds a whole new replay factor when considering his past appearances. Heck, it makes "The Target," one of the worst episodes of the series to date, a very interesting episode to reconsider. Joss Whedon should be very proud of this twist — it's one of his finest moments as a storyteller.

It's Good To Get Canceled: I know that some fans are fighting for "Dollhouse" to stay on the air, but there is no doubt in my mind that the show's cancellation is the best thing that could have happened. Whedon clearly saw the writing on the wall a long time ago, allowing him to set up the series' finish in such a brilliant and bold way. Not only are we in the midst of the finest storytelling we've seen from "Dollhouse" so far, it's arguably the best storytelling currently on television. So don't fret that Whedon's show is leaving the air — instead, get psyched that the man has all the freedom in the world to end this series exactly the way he wants to.

Final Imprints: With every passing episode, "Dollhouse" gets stronger and stronger. This is the seventh high quality episode in a row, and it's possibly the best of the bunch thanks to the endless barrage of surprises such as Bennett's death at Whiskey's hands and the revelation of Boyd's true role in the series. If the final episodes can continue the trend of increasing quality, then "Dollhouse" is positioned to have one of the single most epic conclusions in recent television history.

Next Engagement: The method to Boyd's madness begins to reveal itself, as he ominously informs Echo that she is "the key." Only two episodes remain.

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