Kurt Loder Reviews 'Youth In Revolt'

FROM MTV.COM: As every nice guy knows, girls have an inexplicable thing for bad boys. Which is bad news for Nick Twisp (Michael Cera), who unfortunately couldn't be nicer. Nick is 16 years old and a budding sophisticate whose tastes — shared by no one in his circle of pathetic acquaintances — run to Frank Sinatra records and old Fellini movies. He's also a virgin whose knowledge of sex consists entirely of rumor. He longs to score, ideally with a girl whose tastes run to Frank Sinatra records and old Fellini movies ... or something, you know, similar.

But there's no one like that in sight, or maybe even in existence. And meanwhile, everyone around Nick seems to be scoring like mad, even his divorced parents. His mom (Jean Smart), with whom he lives, is currently filling the vacancy in her love life with a beardy schlub named Jerry (Zach Galifianakis); and his dad (Steve Buscemi) is shacked up with a 25-year-old cupcake named Lacey (Ari Graynor). Nick is so ready to join the scoring multitudes, if only he could figure out how.

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