Willem Dafoe Is Game To Take On 'Spider-Man' Again

FROM SPLASH PAGE: "Daybreakers" star Willem Dafoe dropped by Splash Page HQ yesterday to chat us up about the film, which hits theaters Friday (January 8). While he was here, we managed to sneak in a few questions about — you guessed it — the "Spider-Man" films and the villain that kicked off Sam Raimi's blockbuster, web-friendly franchise, Green Goblin.

Would he be up for making a return appearance? After all, no one stays dead in the comics world. And what about those "Spider-Man 4" production delays? The actor touched on all of it in our exclusive interview.

"It all depends on the story," said Dafoe of the likelihood that we'll see him again. "The Green Goblin, there's plenty more to do, because that's not so well defined. And the Norman Osborn character is a good, solid, half-comic, half-dramatic character, so I could always revisit that."

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