'Zombieland' Writers Reportedly Scripting 'G.I. Joe' Sequel

Well isn't this exciting. "Zombieland" was one of the better movies to come out last year, right? Well the writers of that movie, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, are some busy guys now. It was only a few months ago they were joking (half-joking) with us about landing Will Smith to star in their original sci-fi project, "Earth Vs. Moon." Now all of a sudden they're scripting the "Deadpool" movie.

And it only gets better. Yesterday, Collider reported via an anonymous source that a writer, some writer, had been hired to pen the "G.I. Joe" sequel. Now they've got another source, "a great source," saying that Reese and Wernick are doing the sequel.

Let that sink in. Pretty neat, right? The guys who wrote "Nut up or shut up" are going to give us the first proper G.I. Joe vs. Cobra showdown. I suppose I should say spoiler alert, but it's right there in the title. Cobra as an organization doesn't factor heavily into the first movie. But it ends with a great setup.

Keep in mind that Collider's source is unnamed. They have a good track record, but don't take this as 100% fact. It's a cool development though, one that I'm hoping pans out. And who knows, between "Deadpool" and a "G.I. Joe" sequel, Reese and Wernick may land Will Smith for "Earth Vs. Moon" after all.

Did you enjoy the first "G.I. Joe" movie? What are your hopes for the sequel? What do you think Reese and Wernick might add to the equation?