EXCLUSIVE: Steve Buscemi And Sarah Silverman In These 'Saint John Of Las Vegas' Stills

Did you like "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" I did, and quite a bit too. The performers and performances are great of course, but the story is what sticks with you. It is loosely (very loosely, like almost unrecognizably so) adapted from Homer's Greek epic "The Odyssey," and it makes reference to the original work in a number of clever ways.

I get the same vibe from "Saint John of Las Vegas," an upcoming movie directed by Hue Rhodes that offers a similarly loose interpretation of "Dante's Inferno." Steve Buscemi stars as a recovering gambler who is tempted to return to the glitz and glamor when a business opportunity arises that will bring him back to Nevada's bastion of legalized gambling. Today we have some exclusive images from the film to share with you. Just click the image below to check out our full gallery.

You can find the trailer and other information on the movie's official website. You can also stay up on the latest updates via its Facebook and Twitter accounts. "Saint John of Las Vegas" opens in New York and Los Angeles on January 29, 2010, expanding wider on February 12, 2010.